Episode 17: The Modern Self – An Interview with Dr. Carl Trueman, Pt. II

In this episode, TSR talks with Dr. Carl Trueman about his most recent book, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. We look at some of the key historical figures who helped paved the way for our modern understanding of self and sexuality, and we discuss what the path forward might look like for the Christian church.

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Episode 15: The Christian and Politics

In this episode, TSR discusses how the Christian should approach politics. We start by examining 1 Peter 2 and Romans 13. Then we use an article by the late J.I. Packer as a framework to discover that – when considering politics – Christians should start with Scripture and prayer. We should remember that God is in control no matter what happens, and we should not have division with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Additionally, we should be informed, but our passion about politics should be subordinate to our passion for Jesus Christ and His Church. We need to vote. And, if we’re so called, we should get involved (either voluntarily or vocationally). Finally, we should not let our political engagement allow us to wash our hands of injustice, oppression, and wickedness. Instead we should be involved on the local (non-political) level to push back the darkness where we see it in this world.

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