Episode 14: Netflix’s The Social Dilemma – a conversation

In this episode, TSR discusses The Social Dilemma, a new Netflix original docu-drama. We introduce the topic by discussing the history and people behind the film, then we dive into the film’s strengths and weaknesses, some additional detail about how paid advertising works on these mediums, and a Christian response to the film and social media in general.

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Episode 3: Social Studies: a look at social media

Description: The guys talk social media (from which they are socially remote)! Summary: In this episode, we define social media and provide some helpful stats. Matt, David, and Steven then share their own personal experiences with social media, their observations of the various platforms, and how social media has affected them. They then dive into…

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Nearly a Decade without Facebook

Introduction Today, it’s mid-2020, and I have been off Facebook for over a year (I’ll cover that in the “Afterword” below). However, I wrote the next section in September of 2017, after spending eight years without Facebook. So let me take you back to when I pulled the plug (for the first time).

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