Missions – Lessons from the Field

TSR continues our discussion with David and April McWhite about lessons they learned on the mission field that are applicable to all believers. Come join The Socially Remote!

In this episode, TSR continues our discussion with David and April McWhite. The McWhites share lessons they learned while doing overseas missions. We talk about how the future of missions will more than likely look like “tentmakers” advancing the Gospel in their workplaces and, perhaps, God using their careers to move them into strategic locations. We also discussed some do’s and don’t’s for people to consider as they prepare to go overseas.

You can read the long-form summary of this episode on our website, TheSociallyRemote.com.

Legal Disclaimer: The views expressed on this podcast belong solely to the individuals expressing them and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs and opinions of their respective employers.

Deep Dive segment introduction from “Dive” by Steven Curtis Chapman courtesy of The Stable Collective.

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