The Gentle Father

Foreward On a recent episode of The Socially Remote, the guys discussed Steven’s book, The Relational God. There was some discussion around one of the commands to fathers being gentleness and how difficult that often is. This post is an adaptation of some of the content on gentleness in The Relational God.

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Feeling Helpless in the Time of COVID

“How Are You Feeling?” my wife asked me while standing in the kitchen. It took me a minute to pinpoint exactly how I was feeling. Small. Overwhelmed. Apathetic. And then it hit me . . . Helpless.

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What the Coronavirus Should Teach Us

In our second episode, we walked through The Gospel Coalition (TGC) article, “Eight Things the Coronavirus Should Teach Us.” Below is a link to the full article. If you are unfamiliar with the TGC, it’s wonderful non-denominational (evangelical and reformed) resource.

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