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Steven Halbert is a husband, father, son, and brother. He has held various roles in children and family service organizations and currently works as a product manager for an industrial manufacturer. He enjoys teaching adult Sunday school, which is where the idea for his book - The Relational God - materialized. He has an associate degree in Bible and a master's degree in English; and he blogs about business, relationships, and the church at

Nearly a Decade without Facebook

Introduction Today, it’s mid-2020, and I have been off Facebook for over a year (I’ll cover that in the “Afterword” below). However, I wrote the next section in September of 2017, after spending eight years without Facebook. So let me take you back to when I pulled the plug (for the first time).

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Work from Home

I’ve been a “remote employee” working from home for most of the past 20 years. It’s takes a little discipline and conscientiously applying good work habits to maintain. Here are some things that work for me and I hope will help you. FIRST, BEHAVE IN THE SAME MANNER YOU WOULD IF YOU WERE IN THE…

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Episode 2: Quarantine Cont.

Description: More thoughts on the COVIDs and quarantine. Come join The Socially Remote! Summary: In the second episode of The Socially Remote, the guys continue their consideration of the Gospel Coalition’s article “8 Things the Coronavirus Should Teach Us” by Mark Oden.

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Episode 1: Hello and Quarantine (from COVID-19)

Description: The hosts introduce themselves and talk COVID-19. Come join The Socially Remote! Summary: In the inaugural episode of The Socially Remote, hosts Matt (lawyer), David (pastor), and Steven (generalist) introduce themselves. You learn a bit about their families, careers, likes, and interests. Next they move into describing how each episode of the podcast will…

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Trailer: The Socially Remote

Welcome to The Socially Remote! Does it ever seem like the longer you adult, the less social you become? The responsibilities of being a spouse, a parent, and an employee often leave us with little time for meaningful interaction outside our home and office. And, as a result, many of us aren’t even remotely social….

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Feeling Helpless in the Time of COVID

“How Are You Feeling?” my wife asked me while standing in the kitchen. It took me a minute to pinpoint exactly how I was feeling. Small. Overwhelmed. Apathetic. And then it hit me . . . Helpless.

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