About the Author
Steven Halbert is a husband, father, son, and brother. He has held various roles in children and family service organizations and currently works as a product manager for an industrial manufacturer. He enjoys teaching adult Sunday school, which is where the idea for his book - The Relational God - materialized. He has an associate degree in Bible and a master's degree in English; and he blogs about business, relationships, and the church at

The Gentle Father

Foreward On a recent episode of The Socially Remote, the guys discussed Steven’s book, The Relational God. There was some discussion around one of the commands to fathers being gentleness and how difficult that often is. This post is an adaptation of some of the content on gentleness in The Relational God.

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COVID-19: Hitting the Reset Button

Introduction In Episode 2 of The Socially Remote (TSR), David mentioned that we can’t forget that we’re living through history. This came on the heels of his reminder in Episode 1 to not lose a lesson. I’ve been thinking about what this means for our family. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has effected people in very…

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Episode 3: Social Studies: a look at social media

Description: The guys talk social media (from which they are socially remote)! Summary: In this episode, we define social media and provide some helpful stats. Matt, David, and Steven then share their own personal experiences with social media, their observations of the various platforms, and how social media has affected them. They then dive into…

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