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Steven Halbert is a husband, father, son, and brother. He has held various roles in children and family service organizations and currently works as a product manager for an industrial manufacturer. He enjoys teaching adult Sunday school, which is where the idea for his book - The Relational God - materialized. He has an associate degree in Bible and a master's degree in English; and he blogs about business, relationships, and the church at

Episode 15: The Christian and Politics

In this episode, TSR discusses how the Christian should approach politics. We start by examining 1 Peter 2 and Romans 13. Then we use an article by the late J.I. Packer as a framework to discover that – when considering politics – Christians should start with Scripture and prayer. We should remember that God is in control no matter what happens, and we should not have division with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Additionally, we should be informed, but our passion about politics should be subordinate to our passion for Jesus Christ and His Church. We need to vote. And, if we’re so called, we should get involved (either voluntarily or vocationally). Finally, we should not let our political engagement allow us to wash our hands of injustice, oppression, and wickedness. Instead we should be involved on the local (non-political) level to push back the darkness where we see it in this world.

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Episode 14: Netflix’s The Social Dilemma – a conversation

In this episode, TSR discusses The Social Dilemma, a new Netflix original docu-drama. We introduce the topic by discussing the history and people behind the film, then we dive into the film’s strengths and weaknesses, some additional detail about how paid advertising works on these mediums, and a Christian response to the film and social media in general.

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Episode 13: Conversations with a Missionary – Missions – Lessons from the Field

In this episode, TSR continues our discussion with David and April McWhite. The McWhites share lessons they learned while doing overseas missions. We talk about how the future of missions will more than likely look like “tentmakers” advancing the Gospel in their workplaces and, perhaps, God using their careers to move them into strategic locations. We also discussed some do’s and don’t’s for people to consider as they prepare to go overseas.

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Episode 12: Conversations with a Missionary – Missions – Great Commission or Colonization?

In this episode, TSR (finally) comes to the topic of missions! We begin by dispelling the modern sentiment that missions work is primarily colonial or imperial in nature and then move into an interview with two former missionaries. What we discover is that we must all be intentional about developing relationships and discovering the mission field to which God has called us.

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Episode 11: COVID and the Church: Does It Matter If We Gather?

Description: TSR talks about whether we should gather for church in the time of COVID. Come join The Socially Remote! Summary: In this episode, TSR discusses the effect COVID has had on the Church’s gatherings and looks at what Scripture has to say about the importance of in-person worship and fellowship.

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